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MirrorCase for iPad
mirrorcase for ipad

MirrorCase™ for iPad

The only iPad case and app that allows you to take notes and video at the same time. Mirror Case for iPad.

How It Works:

The MirrorCase™ for iPad is the only multifunctional ergonomic case which allows you to use the rear camera while the iPad is in a horizontal position. MirrorCase is specifically designed for 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation iPads.

MirrorCase for iPad
MirrorCase for iPad

Adjustable Mirror:

Depending on where you position the MirrorCase, you may need to adjust the angle of the mirror to perfectly capture the scene. Using the Thumb-Wheel you can tilt the mirror to an ideal angle. The first-surface mirror is protected by Gorilla® Glass with an anti-reflective coating.


The kickstand can be useful in many situations.
With 6 slots designed into the MirrorCase Smart Lid, you can elevate the MirrorCase, and combined with the adjustable mirror you can achieve a wide array of shooting angles.
This stand lets you position your iPad at the ideal angle for watching your recorded sessions, writing emails or browsing the web.

MirrorCase for iPad
MirrorCase for iPad

Smart Lid:

Conserve battery power and protect the iPad's beautiful display with the Smart Lid. With this sturdy lid your iPad will wake or sleep whenever opened or closed. To protect the screen the lid is fitted with soft rubber pads. The Smart Lid also includes 6 slots for positioning the kickstand and thumb grips for easy opening.

Acoustic Port:

During playback of your recorded sessions, watching a video or listening to music, the MirrorCase includes an Acoustic Port that redirects sound toward the user. No more cupping the edge of the iPad to listen to audio from your iPad.

MirrorCase for iPad

Storage Compartment:

To make use of the MirrorCase form factor, we included a door on the side of the case that allows you to easily store a stylus, pen or pencil. This way you'll have everything you need while on the go.

Recording and Notes:

Essential to MirrorCase for iPad is the MirrorCase App. The App corrects the media to the proper orientation and saves it to the iPad camera roll.

Unleash the power of the MirrorCase! Record video and take notes or make annotations simultaneously. Share notes synced with your video to other MirrorCase App users.

MirrorCase for iPad
MirrorCase for iPad

Re-positional & Resizeable Live Preview Window:

While recording, you will be able to resize the video preview pane and move it any where on your screen.

PDF and Dropbox Integration:

All of your work and files can be shared or backed up to Dropbox. Export notes as PDF documents as well!

MirrorCase for iPad
MirrorCase for iPad

Adjust Video Resolution & Frame Rate:

While recording sessions using your MirrorCase, you may want to conserve space on your iPad. You will be able to do so by adjusting video resolution and frame rate!